It took some time before my head & my heart aligned…

before I accepted my journey would be as a jewelry designer. 

The desire to create jewelry struck while I was planning my wedding. I wanted to design meaningful gifts for my bridesmaids. Short on time as a graduate student, I put the idea aside, but just momentarily. 

As I pursued a teaching career, I developed a passion for designing jewelry. I struggled to secure a position during an economic time where jobs were scarce. While doors seemed to close at every turn in the teaching profession, the path to a jewelry business seemed clear. After the birth of my children it was even more apparent that I should follow the path of my heart, go where my talents led. 

Stacked with gold bracelets, a strand of pearls, an heirloom pin –

I was raised around strong females revealing their personality with jewelry.

My Mother’s romantic spirit and love of bold color have woven their way into my design; along with a love of timeless things – a handwritten note, the perfect blossom, an arched cathedral window. It’s all encompassed in my design style which celebrates everyday elegance and the strength of femininity. 

There is a duality to my designs that comes from my understanding that women desire to look put together, sometimes well-dressed fast. So my collection includes both timeless essentials, “go-to” pieces, for everyday chic and others unexpected color combinations and styles for a look that stands out in a crowd. I believe a jewelry wardrobe should be complete with quality, timeless designs that you can reach for again and again. 

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